Our Services

Electrical Engineering

John Palmer Engineering Services offers the full range of electrical engineering services for industry and mining. We have a Registered Profession Engineer (REPQ) to manage electrical design. The design work offered includes fault current studies, protection system coordination, arc flash studies and earthing systems for low and high voltage systems. We are fully up to date with the requirements of legislation and the Australian Standards.

Project Management

John Palmer Engineering Services have successfully completed the electrical project management of several dragline and coal processing plant overhauls in mines around the Bowen Basin and the Hunter Valley. These projects have ranged from mall overhauls of a few weeks to major overhauls of a few months. We have acted as the clients representative on several of these projects which has included the preparation of budgets, scopes of works, supervision of the works and cost control. We maintain a good reputation with our clients and the contractorsas being professional.

Electrical Power System Modelling

John Palmer Engineering Services have specialist power system modelling software and power quality monitoring instrumentation to be able to design and problem solve power system requirements in all voltage. We can model a whole electrical installation and detect issues before the system is built. We can also model existing installations and provide solutions to prblems regarding fault levels, arc flash, protection coordination and earth grid design. We also have soil resistivity, cable location and earth grid measuring instruments available.

Electrical Engineering Managers

We can offer you our services to act as the Electrical Engineering Manager as required in the Qld Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulations. We have personnel who have the competencies and experience required for these positions. We currently hold these positions at a number of mines in the Bowen Basin and provide these positions on a short or long term basis.